Workshops and Seminars

It is our goal at PCKM to serve our community the best we possibly can. So if you can't come train with us then we can come to you!

We offer various seminars and workshops designed to address the needs of the community and small group/ corporate team building.  Popular workshops include Womens Self Defense and Gun Defense as these are recent news headline stories. Active Shooter training is also available as this type of event seems to be on the rise unfortunately.

Our aim is to give the good guys tools and tactics to fight back and stop continued loss of life or violence towards others unprovoked. We wish to be of service and value to our  community so please contact us immediately if you have any questions about anything on this website. 


Womens Self ​​Defense

Gun Defense

Stand Up!​​
Anti Bully

Empower yourself and become more assertive. Learn, practice and apply effective self defense techniques that make up the Krav Maga system. We will get ourselves outside our comfort zones in order to be prepared  for an "encounter" should it ever happen. Our approach and mindset is being proactive instead of reactive. 
Ever been on the wrong end of a gun?
I hope not. But if the stuff ever hits the fan you'll want to know what to do and how to do it. Here is where the rubber meets the road. You'll learn effective disarm and takeaways. But more importantly let's try to avoid being on the wrong end in the first place.      
Bully's suck! 
This workshop is for young kids and teaches them how to handle a bully with out getting violent. A physical confrontation is the last resort and not the desired result. De-escalation and deflection are the  main tools here along with avoidance all together. Self defense techniques are covered but the goal is to practice the art of fighting without fighting.

Home Invasion ​Protection

Knife and Stick ​​​​Defense


Coming Soon
Coming Soon
If your company is looking for an "outside the box" team building experience then give us a call! Our seminars provide a fun experience where you can learn potentially life saving skills.

Physical participation is is must and an atmosphere of " we can" is drilled home with the use of scenario training and stress drills built around the techniques covered . "Does this stuff really work?" Is a valid question and will be tested time and again during the training.

Active Shooter Defense​​

Active Shooter Defense is one of the most important types of training you can paticipate in. You'll be in a much better state of readiness for an active shooter event and know what to do if it ever happens to you. This is a type of training that is crucial for schools, churches, offices or any other "soft target". If your organization would like to find out more contact us and we'll make it happen.